in Memory of

Dell Jean Davis

Born in Washington DC on June 29, 1933


Family Tree

Thoughts about my mother,

I will remember a phone message the morning after Fathers day, “I was just calling to see how Bob’s Fathers day was and wish him a happy father’s day”. While I sleeping that night I received a phone call from her nursing home, the person on the phone said “your mother has had a stroke and is being taken to the hospital". 

When I spoke with her on the phone that morning I knew that she would never again be the same person as she was in the phone message just hours before.


I want to thank my mother for being an important part of my children’s lives, for all of the dance recitals, band concerts and chorus concerts she attended. She tried to be a part of something she had never really experienced before, a family. A family, just loving and caring for one another.  I want to believe that it was an experience that was priceless to her. For once in her life she was a part of something she never had as a child and could develop as an adult. She was someone special to people who cared about her, she was Grandma. 


For all of the things I missed as a child, as a mother it was important to me that she be Grandma to my children. She truly enjoyed my children and she found they became important to her; something I don’t think she experienced as a mother. For all that she gave to my children; my children need to know how much they gave to her. For that I want to thank you. Remember her love as well as all of the love shared with you through your grandparents will live on. 



August 28, 2007