Lisa's Fund

My sister Lisa is the bright spot in our family. Her laugh is contagious, her spirit magnetic. She always seems to have boundless energy, often the life of the party. I have always admired her ambitious nature, which has led her to chase many dreams and opportunities throughout her life. She is a dedicated, hard worker, and is now part owner of a small start-up company. She exudes kindness and thoughtfulness, always thinking of others and rarely of herself. She the perfect daughter, an amazing Aunt, and the best sister in the world.

Lisa has been diagnosed with ductal invasive carcinoma. Her diagnosis is in the early stages and there will be more information and updates to come.

Due to the nature of Lisa's position at a small company, she provides her own medical insurance. She will not be able to absorb the additional cost these treatments will bring. We are hoping to lighten her financial burden, and maybe provide a small piece of mind. If you are willing and able to donate, any amount would be greatly appreciated.

All donations will go towards Lisa's medical bills.

Sarah Lee