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Memories of my childhood

I have too many to describe "My favorite memory" of childhood. 

But, the highlights are...


Grocery trips with mom and no siblings! It was hard to keep her attention with 3 siblings to compete with. So alone time was golden. 


At Christmas, annually we would find the best branch at the tree lot to recreate a little "sister sister" rendition. 


When Sarah and I had the big bedroom downstairs, we would run and flip over both beds like famous gymnasts. Of course this was after being tucked in. 


On nights that dad was in his room playing on the ham radio, we would hear the repetitive cough, cough, squeak of the chair...repeat.  


I remember the "unicorn club" in which Sarah, Amy Maurer and I were the only famed members. This club consisted of us, porcelain unicorns and some little girl silliness before being "cool" became a thing. 


I also can remember watching "thriller" in the basement of the neighbors...but who was the neighbor at that point?? Admittedly, scared me. 


Speaking of movie watching. Once, in 5th grade, I was at Sherry Cho's house. We decided to take a little walk to a far away friend (other side of Hunt Valley) and we i say it?! Dirty Dancing!! 

I only remember the movie, but i remember being some how discover by the famous matlock, I mean momlock, in some detective work. She always sensed when the force had a ripple and someone wasn't doing right. 


My favorite memories with Lisa we're singing at church in the front left pews and then seeing her in praise band. We didn't get to go to school together, so it was so cool to go to church together before she graduated. I also loved our road trip to Radford, what an adventure exploring her school to be 💕


I can remember having the intercom while mom was in bed rest, pregnant with Ian, she was stuck in bed for a long time...i remember worrying about that. 

Ian was little, but i remember feeling like he was my little baby when he came home, then he was the cutie pie my friends would see strapped in the car seat as mom would drive us to and from HS events. 


I will never forget seeing my little sister walk through the halls of Lee for the first time. It was the best feeling introducing her to the adventures of high school! She was quiet and I wanted her to have the best experience. I armed myself with my cheer friends and we "showed her the ropes". We drove to school together in the tiny blue Honda with a missing side mirror (cause they didn't make them that way in 1981!)

I remember mom's face when she was on the phone and we wanted to talk...the silent, "not now!"

I remember that she was always home, though she was a busy lady, she was always there for us kids. I remember that she listened to our problems and gave good advise. I remember having "the talk" in the car...but she was open to talk anytime. 


I remember dad's guitar and his strumming and singing. James Taylor was a favorite and i loved hearing his rendition. 

Dad, Sarah and Lisa has soccer, that was a family affair. I was the black sheep who enjoyed flower picking on the soccer field and making buddies with the other team well over the ball, goal or objective at hand. 


I remember a home full of love, confident that my parents loved each other and their house full of kids.  Though we drove around randomly dreaming of a bigger home in the "rich neighborhood," my mom made our little Groveland house a mansion, fit for three princesses and a little prince. It was never too small and never too quiet. It was a perfect little house, full of imperfectly perfect people whom I adore.



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