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Times Remembered

by Sarah Lee April 2009

nick 0009.jpeg

 Nicholas has been sick the past few days. He’s had a fever and a few nights of throwing up, but the other night he had to throw up and I hear him start crying and then yell, "I have to throw up!" So I go racing into his room and grab the bucket by his bed, just in time. After he got it all out of his system I sat with him for a minuets rubbing his back and I asked him if he wanted some juice and to lay back down. Mike came back with his juice and I snuggled him into his bed and said something about the juice helping him feel better and I patted his back. Then as he snuggled himself back into bed he said  "Thanks guys" in the gruffest little sick voice. It was the cutest, sweetest thing, because he was so sincere and it really seemed like he appreciated us helping him because he wasn’t feeling good.

How do my kids know just what to say to break my heart?...  


 by Lisa Bell

  May 2009 

50th 1.jpg

 We had a big week this week! Dania, Sarah & I took Mom to a wine tasting for her birthday, and despite many set backs and complications during the planning stage, we managed not only to surprise her but to pull off the perfect day! It was lots of fun and the weather cooperated just enough for us to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Saturday night was "Mother's Day Dinner Date," as us ladies went to the Lazy Susan for High School Musical and dinner. Sunday morning was an added special treat for the Moms; Andy made his famous pancakes! Thanks to all the boys for helping out and watching the little ones so us girls could have these special celebrations.

Mom's 50th Birthday

by Dania Wood

September 2010

nicole 10.JPG

It has been a couple of weeks of non stop partying!  We began our celebration at Nana and Papa's house on the 17th, to celebrate Nick AND Nicole's birthdays.  It was awesome to have the whole family together...Lisa and Matt were even able to make the festivities!


Then, On the Sat before her birthday, we went to the Roller Skating Rink with 9 friends and a babysitter for Reagan and MB. :)  Lots of fun and even MORE energy! The girls really enjoyed the skating, but we went back to the house for lunch and presents and cupcakes.  It was a looooong day, the party lasted from 10 to 4! I am not sure we will do THAT again;)

Finally ON her birthday we brought cupcakes to her class for lunch and got to eat Taco Bell with her in the lunch room.  Then that night went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for a family dinner and her presents from us....clothes and Barbies.  A day of fun!


I cannot believe she is 10, for some reason that strikes me as amazing.  I guess it seems like no time ago that I was unexpectedly facing the biggest change in my life.  I never realized how wonderful (and fast) the time would go.


Today we are dealing with Tropical Storm Nicole...which cracks me up!  I hope it's not a sign for the "storm" our Nicole will bring these NEXT 10 years...

Nicole turns 10

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