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One might wonder why we have all white towels

white2 copy.png

So here is what being married for a crap ton of years gets you....

Dad: my towel smells again

Me: I'm not sure why, you change it  weekly

Dad: they used to hang towels outside in the sun to dry, that killed all the germs 

Me: the homeowners association has a no clothes line rule. 

....Next I find his towel draped over the bath tub in the sun.

Me: I can get all white towels and bleach them when I wash them that should take care of it.

....last night (around 6pm) I was thinking about running to target to get new white towels, I was not sure I could get home before him (but that is a different story) 

.... Talking to him in his car, I told him I wasn't sure if I was going out or not

.... Here is where crazy starts.....

Me: I'm not sure if I'm going tonight 

Dad: I would like to know why my towels smell. Why do you think my towels smell?

Me: (I should never answered) well you do have a lot of body moisture when you dry off.

Dad: I don't have more moisture then other guys. 

Me: you dry your body very throughly, honey. I dry off much quicker after my shower. 

Dad: I don't dry off any differently then any other guy 

Me: Bob, I didn't say anything about how other guys dry off. 

Dad: but you IMPLIED that I am making my towel smell because I'm drying off differently then most guys.

Me: I DIDN'T SAY ANY THING ABOUT OTHER GUYS AND HOW THEY DRY OFF AFTER THEIR SHOWER. Look we can both shower and weigh our towels after we dry off and see who's towel has more water in it

Dad: ok

(Thought here: ARE YOU KIDDING ME)

Me: I was going to fix the smelly towel issue by getting new white towels I can bleach. You have made this huge issue about body moisture. 


As you can see this was not ending well and I did not go to get new towels (I probably will soon).


As I told a friend recently... Make sure you love your husband because when the kids are grown and gone, it just you and him growing old together. (Apparently you have a lot of time to discuss nothing)


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